Summer's 8th Birthday

I'm a little late on sharing Summer's birthday party. This past year was pretty low key because we didn't want a "big" party. We just invited a few close friends and it was perfect. The last couple of years Summer has wanted to do a "campout" and sleep in the back yard. I haven't been able to commit to that level of a sleepover just yet so we did a camp-themed party instead. 

It was basic and easy and the kids had fun! 

We decided to do a fun little painting project, painting these little birdhouses that I found at Michaels. They were only .99! And thanks to DecoArt as they provided all of the paint that we used. 

The girls (And poor Tyler, always the only boy!) picked out their paint colors, just adding a small amount to a paper plate. Then using foam brushed they got to paint their birdhouse however they liked. 

After their birdhouses were painted they played a few games outside then came back for campfire cupcakes. Summer found a picture on pinterest that she wanted to recreate so that's just what we did! She was super happy with how they turned out! 

It was a super fun party and Summer had a great time! 
On her actual birthday, she picked to have this strawberry pretzel dessert. I love that she chose this because none of us are big cake eaters! And this is a family favorite! So this is 8 and it looks pretty good! 

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