Soccer camp with Challenger Sports

Soccer Camp is so much fun! Summer loves to play soccer and she is pretty good at it too. But camp lets the kids learn the game a little more in depth and helps them fix things that maybe they are doing incorrectly as well. But overall, it's just a fun week! This was Summer's second year of camp and you can check out last year's camp HERE

This year I had chosen to do camp at the end of June, but because of a shortage of soccer coaches her camp week was merged with the camp in August, so that's when we went. She was provided with the cool jersey (shown in the photo above) and we were told she would receive her ball on the first day of camp. However, due to a ball shortage, the balls didn't arrive in time for camp and she used the one from last year. 

Challenger Sports is the largest Soccer camp company in North America. And they do camps all over as well. Make sure that you check out HERE for a camp near you!

This year was a little different from last for a few reasons. Last year she had female coaches and this year were two males. For one, girls just teach different than boys, which isn't a bad thing, it was just different. 

This year there were several older boys at camp and they basically just wanted to show off how far they could kick the ball, even if that meant kicking over the goal and into oncoming traffic. The coaches, not being too much older than the kids themselves, and not being parents, I think just didn't know how to handle that. And it was a little frustrating watching nothing being done day after day. Not really the coached fault, there is only so much they can do, but annoying for the kids to start and stop every time these kids wanted to act out. 

Overall, Summer had a lot of fun and learned some new things. The soccer balls didn't come in until after camp was over and we received an email letting us know they were available to pick up. Due to the fact that we live about 45 minutes away, I let them know they could just donate ours because it wasn't really worth a trip to pick up a ball and it was a little disappointing that they didn't just pop it in the mail to her. But it is what it is. 

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