Put an End to Bad Brushing with Disclosing Tablets

I received this product free for review, however, all opinions are my own. 

Today I am sharing a really fun and useful tool. It's Plaque Highlighters. Do you remember using these as a kid? I remember my dentist giving me these at check-ups and for whatever reason, I thought they were super cool. So my kids have used these plaque disclosing tablets a few times and I think they are a great tool for several reasons. 

Plaque highlighters temporarily highlight plaque and tartar buildup with a vivid pink. Kids are challenged to brush away all the color & learn good habits along the way! Encourage good brushing techniques now that will last a lifetime.

It's Simple: Chew 1 tablet, swish & rinse to allow to color to visibly highlight the tartar & plaque.
Brush, rinse, floss, repeat until all the stains are gone!

They come in a package of 30, so they will last a while too! Perfect for getting those kids used to where their plaque might be building up. 

So here is Summer before. She just finished lunch and I told her not to brush her teeth before we did this: 

After she chewed and swished:

After a super good brush and floss:

Looks great, doesn't it? I love that the plaque highlighters are just that, a highlighter to show Summer where she needs to brush better at and see spots she might have otherwise missed! It's a great disclosing agent to keep the kids accountable. 

Check out Smile Brilliant HERE and use code usfg25 to save 25% on your own plaque highlighters! 

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