Another Dr. apt.

I had another Dr. apt today. Tyler has been pretty quiet the last two days so I bumped my appointment from tomorrow to today because I was stressing a little bit. Well of course as soon as I change it to today he starts doing all kinds of acrobatics in there. I did let them know though that he has been quiet so they wanted to have me monitored for a bit. After a half hour, a large cold glass of water, and hardly any movement they decided to do an ultrasound. His heart rate was good there just was next to no movement. And once again as soon as the ultrasound started, he had hiccups like nobody's business, was turning in circles, kicking me in the ribs... He was letting his mama know he was just fine and did not need this lady pushing around on him! We got a pretty great face shot on the 4D pic though. And wouldn't you know it, since I didn't plan on getting an ultrasound I didn't take the DVD to record, nor did Travis come to this appointment... But she did print a pic that is pretty great. (not quite as good as what I got to see though! I got to see his entire face) He looks like his cheeks are not as chubby as we saw before, and he looked a lot like Trav. (very handsome!) I was very relieved that my baby Tyler was moving so well, and is healthy. Two weeks from tomorrow (or less) we will be holding our precious baby in our arms!

I go back to the doc next week and will let everyone know how it goes!

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