Spring has sprung!

It's been too long... I know really it's been about 15ish days, but these days Tyler's daytime naps are few and far between. So when he is napping, I actually have to do work. You know, laundry, loading/unloading the dishwasher or some other cleaning... The stuff that is no fun! I wish when Tyler was napping I could be scrapbooking, making cards... Something I like to do!

Right now he is actually entertaining himself in his little activity center. This thing is pretty cool but after a short time he is bored. So I have gotta type fast!

I have been meaning to add some new pictures, so this is what's been going on!
Here are 2 brothers that really love each other!

This is Zach's before hair.... It's been growing since last September and was waaay long!
I gave him a date and said it would be cut on that day, and that's what we did. He loves having his hair long and I really don't mind it but this time it was getting too long even for me.

This sideways picture is Tyler eating his first veggies... Sweet potatoes are on the top of Tyler's list! He has since tried Squash and seemed to like it just o.k. And he really likes apples! We'll see tonight if he likes carrots!

Lastly, here is a picture of a good deal that we got.

It was 12 boxes of cereal,
4 gallons of Milk (2 not shown)
and 2 Stouffers sandwiches (also not shown)

Albertson's paid us a little over $7 to take this off their hands.... Not to shabby!

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