Picture Update!

 Tyler has his first experience with sand... and was not sure what to think!

Trav had a few days off and one of the days we took advantage of the nice weather and headed for the river! It was a great day to be there. 

Happy 4th of July! 

My uncle's band was doing a concert in Cheney last weekend and we went to it. After Zach got to go back and meet the band. The drummer gave him his drum sticks, and he got their autographs! 

We took off Monday (just the boys and I) to go visit my family. Just a quick trip but it was nice to see them. Once while we were out and about Tyler got hungry, I guess... haha! He loves his feet! :)

One of my favorite places to go is Multnomah Falls. I never get sick of seeing it! And it was Tyler's first time, so we had to stop!

Tyler playing peek-a-boo! And Zach was building a fort in the back!
 Tyler wishing he was playing in the back yard with Jada!
 So handsome!
Now we are all caught up with pictures! I hope everyone is doing good! Don't forget you can still vote for Tyler's picture on the Gerber Generations Facebook! Here is a link---> Vote for Tyler!

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