A while ago I came across this site called Pinterest. It seemed neat so I signed up and did a few "pins", then I sort of forgot about it. Now it seems like it's becoming all the rage, so I thought I would go back to it again. I have found some really really cool things there, and it is a great place to keep stuff without bogging down my computer! 

Check it out, start your own, and follow me! :)

A quick note- Tyler has been sleeping like crap for the past few months. Getting up about every 2 hours to eat. This was NOT working for me. This mama needs some sleep. I got a couple of books about sleep training and started reading. It had me go a little bit longer each night between feedings and it worked! Tyler is waking up once a night (most nights) to eat and for now I am happy with that! And I am getting some more sleep! It's rather nice! 

We don't go to the Dr again for a check up for almost another month, but he is about 21 pounds, and 28-ish inches! Wearing 9 or 12 month clothes, depending on the style. Sure is getting big!

This week he said bye bye and mama! (About time on the mama!)
There are 94 days until my little guy is 1 year old! 

Zach is really enjoying his summer, and is wishing time would stand still so he didn't have to go back to school!

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