10 months old!

Time is flying by! Tyler turned ten months old last Friday, the 19th!
Normally I get his picture with a little month sign, but I forgot until he was in bed!
So this is what I ended up with!
It works! :)

At Tyler Dr. appt on the 16th he was:
20 lbs, 4 oz
29 inches long

He says Mama, Dada, bubba and bye bye.
He waves, rolls his hands(like in pat a cake) and sometimes claps.
He has been crawling for a couple of months, 
along with pulling himself up on furniture and walking around furniture. 
He has recently started to "let go" and stand there holding nothing. 

I bet he will be walking in no time! 
There are only 57 days until his 1st Birthday!

Here are a couple of cute pictures from last week. 
Stuck under a chair

Smiley boy!

Tired of mom and the camera!

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