Zach Attack!

My sweet little Zachary is not so little anymore!
I can't believe that in less than 2 weeks he will start the 4th grade!

I wish I could say I had tons of pictures of him to share, but sadly, it's not the case. 
My 9 1/2 year old boy hates the camera. 
Maybe due to years of paparazzi surrounding him! ;)
Most of the pictures I get these days include and extremely cheesy smile, of eyes half open.
(Also, he has spent 1/2 the summer with Grandpa!)

But a couple of nights ago Zach had this happen:

(There really is a tooth missing!)
He was pretty excited! 
The same one on the opposite side has been loose for a couple of weeks and 
this one just became loose over the weekend. 
It got really loose on Monday night. He was showing me it, telling me not to touch it. 
(as I like to pull 'em out!) 
He had his finger on it and I bumped his elbow and the tooth fell into his mouth!
The tooth fairy came and he got a couple bucks, so now he's really working the other tooth!

This is the first of his molars. I can't believe how big my baby Bug is....

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