Growth Charts

I find so many cool projects on Pinterest! 
And I love making them too!
I have a rather large list of things to make someday.
Here is one of those projects!


I started with a 1x8x6 board
Stained one side and edges

After drying overnight,

I went down the board, marking it every one inch. (with pencil)
I then marked each foot with a 3 inch mark
and made 1/4" with a 2 inch mark
and the 1/8" with a 1 inch mark. 
Make sense?

Here are my finished projects:
 They turned out great! Can't wait to get them up on the wall!

Here they are up closer:

I had a little bit of an unsteady hand at times but they turned out great overall!
Plus if you ever move, you are not leaving your memories behind.

One note with these Growth Charts:
They are a 6 foot board, so I started at the bottom of my board as if it were six inches.
That way my board goes to 6 and a half feet (in case I have tall kiddos)
Then you just have to make sure you measure 6 inches off the floor when you put your chart on the wall. 

Also, for the numbers, I just printed off numbers at a 200 pt font, cut them out, traced them onto my board (with pencil) then went over the lines and numbers with a black paint marker.


  1. What font did you use to print? It looks perfect!!

  2. Renee-- Thanks! The font is "Century" and printed at a 200 pt.


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