1 year old Tyler

Tyler was such a crabby butt when he was littler...
but the last month or two a little shining star is coming out! 

This child has his moments, who doesn't? 
But most days he is a happy happy little boy!

Here is a little more about Tyler at 1 year old!

He LOVES Elmo! 
(In case you didn't already know!)
He has only seen Sesame Street for a couple of brief moments though.

He is (about) 23 lbs and 30-ish inches. 
(I haven't actually measured him lately. Maybe tomorrow?)
Besides saying mama, dada, bubba and duh-duh (Jada)
He says UH-OH! on a regular basis and "all done"
If you tell him No, he says, "no no no no"
This is accompanied by his head shaking no

A few things he does:

When bath time is over and I start to drain the water, he thinks it's really funny to re plug the drain. 
I guess that means he likes the bath? 
(Yes, he does LOVE the bath!)

(Let me just say, And I think I am in the minority, that toys that make noise are some of the best toys ever!I keep extra batteries at pretty much all times, because a fun toy, is a happy kiddo!)

For his birthday, Tyler got a ride able fire truck that has a handle you pull and a horn and sirens go off.
He pulls the handle and looks over at me with the biggest smile! 
And a little giggle.
There is nothing better than that!
(Thanks Aunt Katie! I think this is his Favorite toy!)

(One thing about this picture- is I cannot seem to get one with a smile on his face.
As soon as he sees my camera, he's coming for it!)

The other thing with this truck, is that it has a bucket on the back.
Tyler pushes it around and loads it up with his toys,
then when it's full.... He dumps it! :)
Again, another smile. :)

This week Travis has been gone hunting. Tyler is missing his dada.
He pulls the curtain back on the front window, and says, "da?"
It makes me sad....

Tyler does so many fun things, and I try to capture all of these moments.
I am a Lucky LUCKY Mama.

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