Tyler had a birthday party!

We celebrated Tyler's FIRST birthday party this past weekend! 
What a great day it was! 

Tyler was such a happy boy for his ELMO Birthday celebration. 
I have been preparing for a few weeks for this, making the invitations, decorations, and finally, the food.

I had a lot of fun putting everything together! I just forgot to take a before picture of all the decorations! 
What a bummer! 
I have been failing in the picture taking department lately!
But luckily I got a picture after and you can piece together how it looked!

Here is the Birthday Boy!

He got pretty spoiled with gifts!
Though he was more occupied with other things to notice!

Loving the balloon brother was playing with!

More interested in the string on the last present!

Not liking the Giraffe that Mom, Dad and big brother gave him!

This child had more fascination with the cards than anything else! :)

 But he did enjoy Elmo!

Then it was time for cake!
I made cake pops and cupcake for everyone, but Tyler had a special Rainbow Chip smash cake!

He was very unsure of everyone singing to him!
Looking to Dad to make sure this is okay! :)

He had no problems digging in!

My Family!

The happy birthday boy~!
What a little sweetie pie! 

Here are a few of the decorations! 

Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster made an appearance!
Lemon cake pops, Snickerdoodle cupcakes and Rainbow chip cupcakes!
Sorry, You missed the mini pizzas made with English muffins!

Big Birds gummy worms, and Elmo's goldfish!
Tyler's banner
Some friends that came to play.

Pom Poms. These poor things were pretty smashed up after falling several times. 
A little sweet treat for joining Tyler's fun day! 
Finally, a picture of the invitation that was sent out!

Whew! That was a lot of pictures! If you are still with me... Thank you! :)
And THANK YOU  to everyone who joined us for this VERY special day!

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