Tyler's world!

Tyler had his 1st Birthday yesterday! 
Yep, he is officially one year old! 

It's pretty exciting, right?
Except it's a little bitter sweet!
I love having a little teeny baby in the house, 
but I love watching my boys grow.
It's a pretty great thing!

Yesterday we got to spend time with our BFF's. 
(That's Raylee and Nicki, if you didn't know)
Did I take pictures, you ask?
Remember in the last post I said I have been failing in the picture department?
Sad day....

But I did take Tyler outside later in the afternoon to do our own little photo shoot.
I found a birthday idea on Pinterest (my newest obsession) and wanted to try it out.
I couldn't find one of my wicker baskets... so I used a laundry basket. 
Cool, huh? ;)

Here is my little sweetie Pie

This is him wondering why I am putting him in the green stuff. :)

What a Happy Happy boy!

He was doing his "I'm Shy" face. :)

A boy and his brother. Nothing better than this!

Me and my baby! :)

Every kid loves a See n Say!

An Elmo car/steering wheel

I think he remembers this from the other day!

 Tyler had a pretty amazing birthday! 
This is one LUCKY boy!

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