It was a hit! 
What a great year it was too!

First we went to my Sister in laws house where she prepared an amazing dinner... 
Which I forgot to take a picture of... again!

Trav and I: This is the one with his most normal face :)

Me, (SIL) Taryn and sister Selina

Mom and I

Taryn and I (after she tried to knock me over ;) )
Mama and Tyler
Zach was too busy running around with his cousin to be inside! 
It was a fun afternoon!

Shortly after, we left and went to see Travis' family. 
Zach taking a picture of me!

Zach attempting to hold Tyler for a picture, Tyler's not having any of it!
My family :)

Trav's side of the family!
What a great day it was! 

Also, Tyler is finally "officially" walking. 
He has been doing the one and two step thing for about 2 months
and finally this weekend decided to walk across the room! 
He hasn't stopped since!
I'm in BIG trouble!

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