Frusteration about videos and other randoms

I have a cute video of Tyler walking... 
It took me a while to get it on camera and now that I have it, 
I can't seem to get it on here! 
I have done videos before with no problems.... 
Not sure what to do... Anyone have any advice?

A great place for a foot rest?

Tyler dancing :) Yep, it's cute!

Tyler, you are getting bigger and bigger each day and I love to watch you grow! 
You just had another tooth come through on Friday! 
This makes 3 on the top and 3 on the bottom. 
But another top and another bottom are close by!

Everyday we watch Ellen and now that you are dancing, you dance with her.
(And you say "EEEEE")
You really do more of a bob up and down, 
but with parents like you have, no one expects more. :)

You are sleeping so much better and usually only wake once at night. 
After a quick drink of milk you are back to sleep in a jiffy. 
You basically sleep from 8-8. It's pretty darn nice.

You are starting to go to one long nap each day.
Or you might do one long and one short. 
It sort of depends. 

You are very vocal and let me know when you need something. 

Last week we started potty training. 
It just sort of happened!
I have been taking you with me to go potty since the beginning, pretty much.
And when I change your diapers I always talk about what I am doing.
I was hoping to make potty training easier!
Last week I dig out Zach's old potty chair and sat you on it, with your clothes on. 
You laughed....
I thought, "why not try?"
So the next day I put you on with no diaper and you peed!
You have peed in your potty chair at least twice per day since, and mostly 3-4 times per day.
You even pooped in your potty on Thursday! 
And the last 3 days you have woken up from your naps dry! 

I would love to have a potty trained 14 month old (as of next Monday)
You really are getting big Tyler James! 
And I love you soo soo much. :)

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