Christmas (Eve) Pictures!

Both days were a total success. (minus my little 1 day cold)

This year we decided that we really wanted to stay home for the holiday. 
I think we have basically decided that it will be this way in the future, as well. 

We had Travis' family over for a brunch on Christmas Eve. 
I was looking forward to a couple favorite breakfast dishes we have gathered from friends, 
and a new one I found on Pinterest.

I made a sausage fondue, hash brown casserole and 
overnight blueberry french toast. 
I have to say, it was a pretty amazing breakfast! 

I took pictures as I started making each of these items, 
but never took end result pictures. 
But I will post the recipes if anyone is interested. 

After breakfast we opened presents.
(The boys weren't spoiled, or anything. :) )

Tyler liking his truck.

Zach's new Science lab kit

A new teddy bear for Tyler

A truck with blocks

Tyler loves his new rocking chair from Grandma Greer and Great Grandma Royland!

Sadly, this was the best family picture we managed to get. :)
Even Jada got some yummy treats

After everyone left I got Tyler down for a nap and snuck to the couch for a little nap myself.
I woke up with the sneezes that morning and by early afternoon it had hit me hard!
My poor nose was raw from blowing it!

We then went to my sister's house for a afternoon lunch.
Sub sandwiches were different from our norm, but I loved it.
I really liked the idea of doing something different considering Trav and I were
making a ham for our little family dinner on Christmas day.

Because I was so busy holding a kleenex to my nose while we were there,
I only got a couple of pictures.

Tyler didn't go to Aunt Selina's in these clothes...
But he had a doozy of a diaper and luckily cousin Kayla had bought him these clothes for Christmas....
I might have had a child wearing shorts on Christmas Eve, but at least we weren't outside.
Trav and I in the only picture that I don't look like I am about to lead Santa's sleigh.

The boys got their new Christmas jammies on, then it was time for rest!
(After a few pictures, of course.)

Christmas Day pictures coming tomorrow!

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