My scrappy goals for 2011 were pretty BIG. 
And I got a lot done.

But I have even more to do still.
Plus there are so many other projects that I really want to get to
so I really need to get some stuff done.

This is what I got done in 2011:

I made a 8x8 scrapbook for Zach and my Disneyland trip.
This was 86 pages.

I finished my 12x12 2009 book that had just 4 pages left.
And just days ago I finished my 12x12 2010 book.
This was a whopping 124 pages.
(And about 500 pictures!)

I also made multiple cards (not sure how many)
I made Growth Charts for both boys.
and I tried lots of new recipes. 

Here is a pictures of my completed 2010 book:

I would say 2011 was pretty successful. 

As for 2012 I have more BIG goals 
and am making a plan to get things done.

My 2011 book will be about another 520-ish pictures
so I am guessing it will be around 130 pages.
If I let myself take all year to make it, I will need to do 11 pages per month. 

I also have Tyler's first year to do, 
I need to still update my friends book, 
make Trav and my wedding album,
my Twilight trip book,
Rascal Flatts concert book
and my Las Vegas trip. 

These were all on my agenda for 2011,
but didn't get done.

So I am giving myself 2 months to finish each of those other books. 
They are all smaller projects in comparison to my yearly books
but will still be a big project overall!

So not only will I be doing my 11 pages per month on my yearly book, 
but will be doing the following:

January-February I will be making Tyler's 1st year book.
March and April I will be updating my friends book.
May and June I will be making my wedding album
July and August I will be working on my Twilight trip.
September and October I will focus on Rascal Flatts.
And lastly, November and December I will be making my Las Vegas book. 

Away from scrapbooking I have been wanting to learn to sew. 
I have a HUGE list of projects I would like to do, and sewing is required for those.
So, by June I will have my sewing machine threaded and be working on some projects.
(Not really sure exactly what first, yet)

Not to mention the stack of recipes that I can't wait to try, 
and the stack of recipes that need transferred into my new recipe box. 

Plus, at some point I would like to spend some time with my family and maybe even add to my family. 
Maybe take a trip to the ocean and knock some things off the list of projects we have around the house. 

I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a BIG year, full of BIG memories! 
Can't wait to share some of those memories with YOU!

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