100 day picture challenge. Day 53

Day 53. A picture of you in a car

Well, today's challenge was a perfect challenge for this particular day!
It was actually a pretty bitter sweet day.

I sold my car! 

We decided that with our growing family it was time to sell my car and get a bigger one. 
We had sold Travis' little truck last week after it was listed for only a day or two, 
so we thought we'd put my car on craigslist and see if we could sell it.
Then we'd have one less thing to worry about when looking for another vehicle!

Well, less than a week after listing it, I am no longer the owner
of a 2006 Pontiac Vibe. 
It's a sad day!
I get it, it's only a car...
But I loved it, and it was great for me and my family 
and I always felt safe in it!

But I am happy for what it means for our family! 
And I am excited to see what we find to drive!


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