31 day blog challenge- Come join in!

I found this challenge through Emma at Boy oh Boy a couple of weeks back!
She started this as of May 1st and as much as I wanted to follow along
and do this challenge with her, I was still doing my 100 day picture challenge.
That kept me busy enough but now I am going to start this new challenge, 
and luckily, it's only 31 days! 

Anyone want to follow along and join in?
I am going to start tomorrow 5/17 and it will run through 6/16

Who's in?

(((Shantel.... you know you want to....)))


  1. This sounds like fun. I may be considering this as a possibility! ;)
    Good luck and perhaps you will inspire me along the way!

  2. Hi Kate!

    I may have to do this. I'm trying to blog every day this month and am running out of ideas! I may have to steal a few of these :)


    Jorgensen Better Together

  3. Ashley- You should! I love doing these challenges. :)

  4. i'm definitely game! i'll be following your schedule of 5/17-6/16. thanks for posting this!

  5. Love the blog!!! Saw you on the Hop. Please follow me back!!!


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