Wordless{ish} Wednesday!

Just what we've been up to lately!

Tyler and mama play time

Tyler's first PB&J sandwich

Tyler looking for goodies

Waiting for the race to start

Travis, Zachary and Tyler ready to race!

We finished the 12k! Thank goodness! 
Now I need a nap like Tyler!

Tyler with a fresh haircut! Zach's up next!

Tyler being a cheeseball! 

Playing on pillow in the kitchen! (because they slide better here!)

Chillin' on the steps

 Ready to head back inside!

After a great Mother's day! A picture with my boys!
We got up early and got coffee, went and bought flowers,
planted said flowers, went to lunch, took naps, read on the couch,
cleaned out a big portion of the basement that we are starting to finish,
then started winding down! What a great (and productive) day! 

And that's what we've been up too! It's been a busy couple of weeks
and we have a couple of busy weeks ahead!

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