{9} What are your worst habits

My worst habits:

I have several. {Yep, that's right, I'm not actually perfect!}

I bite my nails. -I go through periods of time where I don't bite them, 
and they get long and pretty. Then they get to a point that they start snagging
on everything and I have to cut them off and I am back to biting! 

I drink too much coffee/soda- Right now it's not bad because I'm pregnant.
And while I'm breastfeeding I do pretty okay too. 
But once that's done I am back to my old self. 
Maybe having two kids in two years will help me slow down this time. 

I don't eat as healthy as I should. -I could eat a package of Oreos pretty quickly.

I let silly things, that shouldn't matter, get to me. 
See my pet peeves.

I'm sure I have plenty more that I can't think of right now,
but I'm sure if you keep following along you will figure them out!

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