Speed dating

For bloggers.... 

C'mon people! I love my husband and am not looking to replace him!

Nicole over at This Little Momma is hosting this super fun, 
getting to know you, blog post-- Go check it out! 

This Little Momma

I know I have done several posts like this lately, 
but here is another one! 

Travis and I started dating 5 years ago today!
I can't believe how amazing these last 5 years have been! 

*We have two boys and a third baby on the way, due in September.

*I didn't grow up with a religion. Though I wish I would have. 
I have been reading the bible for several years and was baptized 5 years ago (in April)

*I could drink a Coca Cola and eat classic lays with ranch dip everyday. 

* I have loved elephants since I was a kid. I collect elephant statues 
and many times my grandma tried to give me a (real) elephant foot stool.
(Gross, I know! I didn't take it!)

*I love music and rarely keep it on one station in my car. One time you might get it and it will be on a pop
station, the next time it will be on country and the next on Christian Alternative. 
(Those are my man three) 

*I love Reese's peanut butter cups. 

*I can count my true friends on one hand
(and really, I prefer that. It's more important to have close, amazing friends 
than having lots of okay friends)

Okay, on that note I'm out! Go check out Nicole's blog!
And join in!


  1. YAY! Thanks for linking up- Coca Cola and classic lays & ranch- yes please!

  2. Man, I really really really want Lays now... Lol sorry, prego brain.


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