{14} If you won the lottery

If I won the lottery...

I guess it would depend on how much it was.

First, I'd pay off my house, car and any misc bills we might have at that time. 
I would go on a trip or two
and put the rest into a fund where I can live off of the interest. 

I would love to have the money set aside for the kids' education
and to help them through life without handing everything to them.

I would love to help our families, making sure they are comfortable.

I would want to give money to multiple charities.

And lastly, If I won the lottery, I don't think I would tell anyone.
I feel like there is so much pressure on people who win.
I want to help people because *I* want to, not because I should, or because I have to.


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  1. fingers crossed you win. :) it is so awful how money just runs everything! and i hardly have any! boo hoo. lol.


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