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Welcome to the Blogging Besties' 2013: A Year in Review Link-Up!
We are ready to tackle the new year, but before we do, we want to give 2013 a proper send-off.
The highs, the lows, the smiles, the tears, the hugs, the trips, the holidays, the birthdays, the babies...whatever it is that made 2013 special, we want to know about it!
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2013 has been another amazing year for my family. It went by way too quick as we watched our family grow, chase kids around and live day to day life. I hope you are ready for a long review, full of links, pictures, and a whole lotta cute kids!

January was pretty quiet except Travis, Zachary and I went to see Rascal Flatts (for my 11th time!) and we got upgraded from our cheap, nose bleed seats to 10th row side seats! That was a super fun surprise! And I also shared this easy recipe to make our own (Olive Garden) Zuppa Toscana Soup

In February I turned 30! I don't know where the time has gone but I don't feel a day over 20! Travis threw me a wonderful surprise party with my friends and food! I was very surprised and so lucky to have my amazing husband, kids and friends to celebrate with! Tyler and I worked on a Valentine's day project, and I shared my "love" blocks. 

In March Travis turned 29! (Yep. I'm robbing the cradle!) We had a nice family dinner where I made Honey Pecan Chicken at Travis' request. And Tyler moved to his big boy Thomas the Train bed! 

April Travis and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary with dinner out and no kids! And Zachary turned 11 with a super fun pirate themed birthday party! And I shared my thoughts on being done having kids. 

In May we started out by going to see Elmo and Friends in "Sesame Street Live". I'm sure you can only imagine how wonderful that was to a little 2 1/2 year old in our house!  Tyler was in awe!  Travis' dad also came to visit and helped us get several projects around the house completed! Plus, I made a fun chalkboard wall in our house! 

June was a busier month with parties and baby showers to host! Zach and Travis went to Silverwood with tickets I won on the radio and Zach had field trips to Bear Lake and to launch his rockets for Science and he wrapped up the 5th grade! 

In July I kicked off the month with finally deciding to get my head in the game and get in shape! I did my very first Dirty Dash, we went to Silverwood, Travis' work cruise on Lake Coeur D'Alene and then to the Oregon Coast for some much needed time at the ocean/Portland zoo with the kids. It always goes way too fast but we sure enjoyed it. And of course, I blogged about it all! First half, Second half, Oregon Coast, Portland Zoo

August we spent many days knocking things off our Summer bucket list before school started again. We went to movies, made play-doh, spent lazy days at the lake with friends, made s'mores, had water balloon fights. It made for a fun Summer break.  And we finished up the summer with a trip to Montana to see Trav's dad.

September started us back to school- where we now have a 6th grader! Back into our routine with open house, home work, chores and a regular schedule. It also meant that Summer was turning ONE! A bittersweet  day knowing that this is our last first birthday but I didn't let it get me down and we threw a bash worth "buzzing" about with a Bumble Bee party. And Travis is down 50 pounds since July! 

October started with Travis and I seeing one of our favorite bands, BON JOVI! (So fun!) We celebrated Tyler's 3rd birthday a little early with a super fun Monkey party where we played games and ate banana splits until we were so full!  Then next day I found myself riding in an ambulance- because I thought I was dying! Luckily, I just had gall stones! And Travis headed to Montana for hunting season. Here I shared a little more about what we're up to. 

November I hit 30 pounds lost and had my gall bladder taken out. No need to keep it and wonder when I would feel like death again, right? Summer has really taken up chatting and loves to telling us "no no". She has no problem telling me when she wants to nurse, wants her cup, wants to go to bed, wants up- She's actually quite bossy! (Don't know where she gets that from!) She also loves her daddy and her brothers, loves to read, dance to music.

December proved to be just as busy with getting ready for Christmas. We started with a trip to the North Pole via Lake Coeur D'Alene cruises. And Tyler loved seeing Santa! I made us new stockings- that turned out great considering I haven't sewn since 7th grade Home Ec! Christmas was wonderful- And the kids got more than they know what to do with! But it was a great day! We had already saw family the weekend before, and we spent the day at home in our pajama playing with our new toys! (which I basically have slacked on blogging about everything this month!) 

Now we are ready to ring in the New Year and see what 2014 has in store for us! 

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  1. You look so amazing and inspire me with your weight loss! GO GIRL! Yay for a blessed busy year and cheers to another one! XO

  2. What an amazing year for y'all! Robbing the cradle - that totally cracked me up! I'm so jealous you saw rascal flats! I love them! I hope you have a wonderful new years and that 2014 brings many more good times and blessings! P.s I never would have guessed you were 30. ;)

  3. Following your weight loss journey has inspired me to kick start my own. I am starting the a bikini body mommy challenge on January 6th. Kind of nervous about it but I think once I get in the habit of exercising each day and seeing that I can find the time I will be calmer.

  4. Yor kids are adorable. Looks like y'all had a great year. I'm loving that chalkboard wall I'll have to go check out that post. Thanks for hosting the link up :)

  5. Thanks Kristine! That means a lot!

  6. You made my day! I sure don't feel 30, that is for sure!

  7. Sara- I think it's great that you are starting this journey too! I'm glad I get to help be your motivator and have you to keep me motivated!

  8. Thank you. They are pretty sweet kiddos. The chalkboard is so much fun! We use it tons!


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