How to make your own Maxi Skirt

I love a great Maxi Skirt and have been wanting to make my own for a while.  The tutorials I came across just didn't seem that clear to me so I decided to just try it on my own. I probably should have tried harder on the other tutorials, because I messed up a couple of times, but hey, a seam ripper is my best friend, so why not just go for it!

I first grabbed a yard of this super fun knit fabric from Joann's. Then I very accurately wrapped it around myself and marked where to cut.

Next, I pinned the sides together and used a straight stitch to sew them together.

Next, I took my remaining piece and pinned/sewed the ends together to make my waist band.  Here is where I messed up on mine because my waist band is very thick. The next skirt I make I'll cut it down some. And for the record, when I say thick, it's about 10 inches. So even folding it over is still very long. Then I pinned my waist band to my skirt and sewed it together. (Below)

So here it is, sewn on.

And lastly, here is the finished product! Not too bad for my first skirt! Another thing I will do different next time is angle the skirt. This one is pretty straight and while it's still flowing, it doesn't flow as much as I had hoped for.  But it's still cute, and light weight and I love wearing it around because it keeps me nice and cool. Plus I have lots of color options for shirts that I can pair with it!

The first day I wore it I had a little girl that was walking down the street passed me and she told me I had a pretty skirt. I felt like I did good if a little 7 year old girl liked it.  

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  1. This is super cute! i want to make some myself but I'm afraid too.

  2. Thanks Brandy! You should give it a try. I don't sew a ton but with a coupon I got the fabric for about $4. I figured if I messed it up at least I wasn't out a lot!

  3. Nice job, I think it turned out lovely!


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