Maui Day 4

Day four of Maui was pretty bitter sweet. We still had an entire day, but we were going home that night. Our flight didn't leave until 11pm so we were going to make the most of our day, and didn't waste much time!

We cleaned up our room a little and then headed to the beach to play in the water and enjoy the sunshine. It was another beautiful day.






We ate at this place called Captain Jacks Island Grill. I will tell you this: it was seriously the best food we ate the entire time we were there. It is on Front street and if you ever go to Maui, you MUST eat there!

I totally love this goofy guy!


This was our amazing calamri. If you don't know what that is, don't look it up, just eat it. I will say this about Calamari- I love it, but after eating this, I don't know if any place will EVER compare!


After an amazing lunch in Lahaina we went and got a couples massage. It was both of our first massages and we enjoyed every minute. The guy I had was pretty confident in himself and told me all about the amazing massage he was about to give me and when he asked and I said it was my first, he said, "You're in for a real treat!" And I heard about how he was The Rock's massage therapist and all that too.

Then we spent the remainder of our afternoon no other place than the beach. Walking up and down, feeling the waves hit our feet and watching our last sunset.



I seriously could have stared at this view the entire trip. And Travis was probably getting annoyed at me taking a new sunset picture every couple of minutes, but I really wanted to capture it!








We tried to make it look like Travis was eating the sun... but I think we didn't really capture that!



Our very last beach picture.


Sun is down and now we just walked around and hung out for a while until our driver picked us up.

Maui was truly amazing. We've been talking about going for our 5th anniversary since we got married and I'm so glad we got that time together. At home, we are both always so busy with work (Trav) and home and kids and life in general that we never really have that one on one time like we got on this trip. I love this man to pieces and I look forward to the day we go back and take the kids!

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