Maui Day 3

Day three of Maui started with a bright an early wake up call. I slept terribly the night before, tossing and turning all night long, just feeling so restless. I think the time difference was catching up to me finally.

But we had to be up about 6 am anyway to catch a taxi to the Pacific Whale Foundation for our Dolphin watch and snorkeling.

We got checked in and walked towards the harbor, walking through Banyan Park. If you are not familiar with the Banyan tree, a little back story is that it was imported from India in 1873 and was 8 feet tall. (Now it's over 60 feet tall) And I know it looks like there are many different trees here, but this is really just ONE tree! The roots grown down and replant themselves creating many shoots (12 large trunks not including the main one). So all these trees you see in the background, yes, really still all the SAME tree! It is also one of the largest trees in the world. Amazing, isn't it?

It was a nice quiet place as we walked through at 7 am- but was filled with craft tables by the time we walked back through later that afternoon. We also learned that it is the place that bums sleep and drug deals can be made. (You learn lots of fun facts when you ride the boat with a local!)




After a short wait we headed on the boat and got a seat right up front. I was so ready to see some dolphins swimming next to us as we headed through the water!




Not long after we got further out into the water we some water flying high in the sky in the distance. Not near close enough to see anything but we knew it was a whale.


The water was choppy and for that reason we had to bypass the typical snorkeling site (which was about 40 minutes away from land) and head a bit further to another location. I think that took about another 20 minutes and by that time I was long past feeling queasy! I was so grateful when we got to our location and could let my stomach settle a little bit.

I thought this black lava rock was pretty cool looking and it covered this entire cove we were snorkeling at.


We had rented an underwater camera and had our gear on and ready to go! Time to go check out some fish and see what else we could find!




There were Sea Urchin everywhere





This guy totally freaked me out at first! I didn't expect to see someone so far under the water!


Underwater Hubby!


The fish were amazing. Huge schools of these yellow fish everywhere. You could see the detail pretty good, but when I tried to zoom the camera lost focus quickly!



These black fish were everywhere also. They seemed to have no fear and by far got the closest to us.


Trying for an underwater selfie!



We had about 1 and a 1/2 hours in the water for snorkeling and about half way through I started feeling sick again. I made it through the entire time and told Trav I had to get back on the boat. We got our gear put away and went and sat down. I didn't last before I was heading to the back of the boat to the designated "barf area". It was awful! I got really sick. Just in time for lunch, which I of course, passed on! I couldn't wait to get back on land because I felt so awful!

On our way back we did see some Humpback whales. Mainly they were just splashing water around but we did see a small dive and a tail. We had to keep going and soon we spotted them again. We sat and waited for a bit but then had to get going again. Plus, we saw no dolphins, which was SUPER disappointing!

Finally back on land I swear that I was "swaying" the rest of the afternoon. Trav kept on talking about eating at this place, or that place and it took everything I had to not throw up on him. And sadly, I really just didn't feel like myself again the rest of the day, even most of the next day too! And despite being sick, I really enjoyed the snorkeling. Maybe next time I'll bring something to calm my stomach. And a little side note... I think ginger ale is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted!

A quick picture of Fleetwood's for my dad- even though we didn't go in. I just couldn't stomach it!



Day 3 was pretty amazing. We walked down Front street again, taking in the views, and buying goodies to take home for friends and family. Stopped at Pi Artisan Pizzeria for a quick bite to eat and headed back toward our hotel on the shuttle.  When we got back we walked on the beach for a while, did some more swimming, then went and laid on the beach soaking up the sun before heading to get cleaned up for our anniversary dinner.

Happy 5 years Baby!

In case you missed them, check out Day 1 and Day 2!


  1. The tree pics are so neat! I have never seen anything like it. Love the underwater pics too, so sorry you got sick though. That would totally be me.


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