Taco Salad with Home made Tortilla chips

As if meal planning isn't hard enough, meal planning for my family, and making separate meals for me is a joke.

At first I was making dinner for the family and then I'd make a salad of some sort for me. But that is silly, right? Half of the time I was sitting down to eat as they were all getting up and that is just no fun. So I've just started feeding us all the same thing again. You guys want spaghetti? Sure, let's have spaghetti. You guys want nachos? Sure, let's have nachos!

But now I just make a healthier version AND eat less! Because it really is that easy! That is why I love this Taco Salad with home made tortilla chips.

Taco Salad with home made tortilla chips

I love Mexican food, you guys probably already know that from the amount of recipes I share, But I changed things up a bit. This time I made my own tortilla chips. I never had thought of doing that, but it was super quick and easy and I felt good about eating them.

Taco salad Tortilla chips

I used ground turkey to cut some fat, 2 tortillas (baked into 16 chips), fat free refried beans, baby spinach, a blue container of shredded cheese, a few cherry tomatoes (chopped) a couple of scoops of home made salsa and 10 medium olives (chopped),

Taco Salad with home made tortilla chips

For the tortilla chips use 2 corn tortillas, each cut into 8 "chips". Bake on 375° for 10-15 minutes, turning half way through. They really don't need to be salted, but if you want to add salt, use just a pinch of sea salt.


Taco salad Tortilla chips

Taco salad Tortilla chips

Seriously delicious, and totally 21 Day Fix approved!

Tortilla Chips

So this is:

2 Yellows (2 tortillas and refried beans)
1 Red (seasoned ground turkey)
1 Blue (shredded cheese)
1 green (lettuce and tomato)
1 orange (10 medium olives)

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