Tyler is Five

Tyler is the sweetest boy I know. He is a little lover, hugger, kisser. He plays with my hair, rubs my cheek, he is just sweet.

He loves "school", which right now is Pre-K. He is just a little past the cutoff for school so he won't start kindergarten until next year. Which is okay by me! It will come soon enough. He does great at writing his name, though sometimes he writes if from right to left. He is also a leftie. Which isn't new, he has always written with his left hand.


Tyler is such a chatter box. He talks non stop and there are a few times each day that I will have to stop and ask him to please take a break from talking. Sometimes I just have to have some quiet time where he goes and reads, or does a puzzle or something because he just doesn't stop talking!

He loves dinosaurs, dragons, Ninja Turtles, Batman and Space. Still sort of likes Thomas the Train and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

He is my little workout buddy. Sometimes he will even do the entire workout with me. Modified, of course! But he always wants a picture for proof!

Tyler collage

When it comes to football, he will root for whatever team is playing the Seahawks. It doesn't even matter which team it is and most likely he will even be wearing his seahawks shirt but saying his team is who ever we are playing. Such a stinker.

He loves Play-doh, playing Game Party on the wii. And swinging. This kid will go outside and swing for hours. Seriously. He will come in to go to the bathroom, or to eat and go right back out and swing.


Tyler loves fresh fruits and vegetables. It is the snack he will choose over anything else. Especially cherry tomatoes, apple slices, bananas. And he loves string cheese.

He is not particularly picky when it comes to eating, but he doesn't not like macaroni and cheese (of any kind) and does not like green beans.

He is a hard worker and is always willing to jump in and help out. I {really} love that about him!

IMG_20151018_142933 IMG_20151011_165452

He says some of the most random things. One day he walked up to Travis and I with his hand over his heart and told us, "Mom, Dad, I can feel my pump" and another time when we were driving somewhere he said he had to go to the bathroom and I said, "Sorry bud, but we don't have a bathroom in the car!" to which he replied, "that is why I keep asking you to get an RV!"


He does not have a quiet voice. EVER.

At bedtime, it doesn't matter who tucks him in, how many hugs and kisses he gives, he always calls for us because there is something that he "needs".

IMG_20151019_194049 IMG_20151019_070945

He takes pictures like his dad. Which means he rarely will just smile nice. And when he smiles nice he is typically looking to the side, giving me some crazy eyes or he squints his eyes. {little stinker}

He has an awesome imagination. He always has his "binoculars" somewhere near by.



Happy 5th birthday to my sweet boy. We love you Tyler!

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