Summer's Tea Party

This past weekend my baby girl turned 4 years old. Yep, Summer is four years old and that called for a Tea Party with her friends.

So we rounded up the best girlfriends a girl can have, and had some snacks, drinks and played some games.


Months ago I decided to have a Tea Party for Summer's birthday. Of course, I turned to Pinterest because, obviously you can find everything there. And several weeks ago I started collecting things here and there to complete her party. Then I made her invites and got them into the mail.


Then this last week I was in Party mode to get things done and make it happen!


Thank goodness for my Cricut because I was able to make so much of my decorations with it! I made doily's, a banner, photo booth props, tea hats, pieces for Pin the tea cup on the tea pot, it was awesome, I made so much of it myself and that always feels great!

I am going to be sharing some individual posts on a few of the things I made over the next few days, so keep your eyes out for those too!

In the past I always attempt making my own cakes, and it never works as good as I hope for it to so this year I just bought a cake from a local box store. I struggled to find a teapot or something similar so I ended up going with this princess cake since it was gardeny and flowery and I went with it! Plus Summer loved it and that is really what matters.


I love my chalkboard wall. We never get tired of drawing on it!



Using the Home Made Sand from the other day we put it to good use and made fun sand bottles. I used a coffee bottle that I washing to fill with sand. The kids all loved it!


Then finally we did the photo booth all through out the party. It sort of got messed up because I planned to do the photo booth in my back yard with this beautiful wire chair my friend Kara lent me but it was pouring buckets and I had to set it up in my entry way instead! But it all worked out!


We really had the best day and Summer had so much fun! She loved seeing her friends, playing games, eating cake and getting some super fun gifts!

Thank you to all of our friends that made this day possible for her! We love you!


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