Dating your Daughter

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I love having Mama/Daughter time with Summer. She turned 5 a few months ago and still thinks I am the best of the best. I know the days will come when I am not her favorite person, so for now I am going to enjoy every moment of our bestie time together.

I am always looking for new ways to have one on time with the kids. Summer is the easiest because we just happen to like all the same girlie things.

One thing that is great about dating your kids is that they are a pretty cheap date! I mean, it is fun to go out to lunch or go get pedicures and all, but we have lots of fun without spending a bunch of money!

One of Summer's favorite things to do it take selfies. Girlfriend loves to get her picture taken (most of the time!). She loves using the filters on SnapChat - The filters are actually all we use it for! But pretty much any occasion has to be marked with a selfie!

Summer loves to be read to. We are working on learning her sounds and sounding out words so that she is ahead of the game when she heads off to Kindergarten next Fall. Her favorite is Huggy Kissy. Have you read that one before?

Normally painting her nails is enough but one day we ran across fake nails for kids and she thought it was the coolest thing ever! I won't lie, they lasted less than 24 hours and I even found one stuck in her hair the next morning, but she had fun and loved spending the time putting them on!

Matchy matchy! I have made several matching shirts for her and I, and we have matching pajamas. She always asks to wear out matching clothes. But now, thanks to The Dreamland Company we have matching nightgowns!

I love this sleep ware because they are made with LUXE cotton with a touch of stretch and are amazingly soft.  These nightgowns are designed and made by women right here in the USA. And now these adorable kids sizes are available so you and your daughter can match too! 

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They would be great Christmas presents for not only yourself and your daughter, but your mom, grandma or any other lady in your life.

I wish I would have had one after having my kids because it would have been great to change into my own nightgown and be comfortable rather than wearing a hospital gown!

Spending a morning with curlers in her hair while we scrapbooked was fun too. Any type of crafts go over well at my house.

Or even a girls day watching girlie movies is good too!

But really, anytime that I get to just relax with my girl makes for a great date!

What are your favorite ways to date your daughter?

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