{15} Timeline of your day

Timeline of my day

Well, it varies, depending on the day. 

If we have nothing planned for the day it goes something like this:

7am wake up for me if I want to shower that day (which I do!)
Zachary is usually up and showered by now, and watching cartoons,
and Travis has left for work. And I am probably starting my post for the day.
7-8 Tyler wake up-gets diaper changed
8-830 breakfast and empty/refill dishwasher
850 Zachary leaves for school

9-1030 is playtime for Tyler and I. Getting some stories read, doing some cuddling,
playing with toys and having a snack.

1030-11 Tyler lays down for a nap

11-230(ish) is time to clean house, do laundry, sweep, catch up on email, blogging,
and these days... my own nap :)

Around 2:30 Tyler is up and gets some lunch.
After lunch is playtime, and time to harass the dog. :)

3pm. Stop whatever you are doing because Ellen is on. 
(Tyler will drop whatever is in his hands to come sit with me and watch "Eln"--his words)

3:23 Zachary's home from school
Time for homework

4:30-5 Get going on dinner... What's it going to be tonight?
If I already know, then it can wait longer. :)

4-6 (depending on dinner) You might find us playing outside with the neighbors.
(because even though Tyler acts shy, he loves the neighbor girl.:) - 
When he sees her out the front window, 
he attempts to call her name. It's cute.)

6 Travis gets home and it's time to eat!
630 we are cleaning up or already done and about to relax.

We might be back outside if it's nice out.

730-8 Tyler bath and ready for bed. Down by 8. 

9- Zachary bed time

Depending on what's on TV that night, I might be heading to bed now too.

The only thing that really varies in this schedule is during the morning, if we have something to do
we typically do it once Zach is out the door to school. So groceries, story time at the library, other errands
are all done first thing in the morning. That way I don't mess with Tyler's schedule too much. 
If we are in the car during nap time, then he sleeps well in the car too. :) 
But I try not to do that too often. It's mainly when I have Dr. appointments, things like that. 

So that is our typical day!

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