Maui Day 2

Day 2 in Maui was pretty amazing. I had slept wonderfully in our king size bed, with the exception that I woke up looking for my husband because the bed was so big I couldn't reach him!


We got ready for the day and took the shuttle to the outlets to walk around and check things out. It's silly, but one of my favorite things about The Outlets was that they played Bruno Mars constantly. But otherwise it was just ok. Mostly stores that I wouldn't typically shop at anyway and just walked past but once we got further down front street the stores caught my attention a lot more.


We took in the view as much as possible, breathing in the salty sea air.


Ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise with an amazing view and so so food.




I got a good laugh at this bench outside of Bubba Gump's, which sadly, we never ate at but it smelled amazing. And I couldn't get Travis to sit on it and put his feet in the shoes.


I loved this view looking inland at the beautiful mountains.


When we got back to our hotel that afternoon we stopping at the bar to get a quick drink before happy hour ended. I don't remember what this one was, sadly, because it was one of my favorites the entire trip!


We went back to our room and got cleaned up before heading to the Luau. It was totally a "hurry up and wait" situation where we were told to be there at 5 pm to check in but instead we got there at 5 pm to wait in line until 5:30 when they started checking people in. In the mean time we were being rained on, actually, misted on, and I took some pictures of a very light rainbow, the amazing plants and flowers and the cool tiki statue.



We finally got in and grabbed a couple of drinks, mai tais, of course. Then we waited for the Luau to start.

First, they gave us some background on the area and culture then they did the pig unveiling, then a short time later they let us start dishing up. We were excited for some authentic Hawaiian food!


We got our food and I have to say, I was pretty bummed. I guess I don't know exactly what I was expecting but we were both pretty disappointed in the food. It was pulled pork, many kinds of salads, fish, fruit, but it just wasn't amazing. I won't lie, I FILLED my plate. Everything looked amazing and I walked to my table feeling a little embarrassed at my heaping plate only to see most everyone else with plates looking like mine.

But when I started eating it was just okay. It wasn't terrible. I've had, and made worse but I guess I was just expecting more. And again, was feeling embarrassed as I'm watching people around me finish off their plates and even eat seconds and thirds and my plate was left still pretty full.

The entertainment was really the best part of the evening. The MC was funny and whitty and she really knew how to put on a show. The dancers, both male and female were very talented. And the fire part was for sure my favorite!



All in all, the day was another amazing day in Paradise!

Be sure to check my Instagram for some video of the Luau, I'll try to share them soon!

And in case you missed it, Check out Day 1 of Maui HERE!

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